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Orange Pi Neo

AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U Handheld Gaming Console

Explore progressive evolution beyond handheld tradition with AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U flagship AI ready processor. The perfect blend of performance and aesthetics. Powered by Manjaro operating system

Introducing the Future of Gaming

Experience the ultimate gaming hardware on Linux-based handheld devices with the Orange Pi Neo powered by the Manjaro operating system. Equipped with a Dual Intelligent Touchpad, immerse yourself in seamless gaming with precise touch points and intuitive swipe gestures. Enhance your gaming precision and immersion with native mouse simulation and gyroscope support. Personalize your gaming experience with customizable key mapping for keyboard, mouse, and system functions. The Oranje pi Neo isn't just a portable handheld console; it's also a slim Desktop personal computer. Seamlessly switch between the Desktop and Game mode for optimal gaming performance. Redefine gaming innovation in the palm of your hand. With open-source software, the possibilities for updates and customization are endless, ensuring you get the most out of your hardware

High-strength Toughened Glass

Crafted with 2.5D high-strength toughened glass, the cover boasts exceptional resilience against impacts and scratches while maintaining high transparency. It provides comprehensive protection for the internal screen and body, ensuring both durability and clarity

Sleek Craftsmanship

The sleek design features a seamless construction with no exposed screws on the body, ensuring a polished and refined appearance. Available in timeless black and white hues, it adds a touch of classic elegance to your device.

Customisable buttons

The LC/RC custom keys positioned on the top left and right sides of the body offer convenient customization options. Users can swiftly map frequently used keys like A/B/X/Y, shortcuts, or functions to these keys. Additionally, they can be configured as key combinations to accommodate the diverse preferences of individual players

Dual array microphone and speakers

Equipped with built-in pickup and noise cancellation dual microphones, this device ensures clear and uninterrupted voice communication with teammates even in noisy environments. The advanced microphone setup maintains a smooth and clear voice transmission. Additionally, the device features two 1W dual stereo panoramic speakers, delivering powerful and crystal-clear game sounds for an immersive gaming experience

Equipped with an advanced cooling system

The system features dual copper tubes, large copper plates, and ultra-thin fins, providing an expansive cooling area of up to 24,510mm². Paired with a high-pressure turbo fan, this setup delivers exceptional heat dissipation capabilities. The Super cooling system ensures stable and enduring performance of the graphics card, maintaining case temperatures below 45℃ and hand grip temperatures below 38℃ for prolonged usage

Dual six-axis precise sensor control

The dual six-axis sensors, comprised of a three-axis gyroscope and a three-axis gravity acceleration sensor, provide precise control tailored for various gaming scenarios. In racing games, the sensors accurately match body steering movements, while in FPS games, they facilitate quick and precise target locking. With the ability to identify subtle movements, these sensors elevate the gaming experience, delivering unparalleled realism and immersion

Vibrant RGB lighting

Experience enhanced gameplay with dual joysticks featuring dynamic RGB lighting designs. Choose from six interactive lighting modes or customize your own lighting effects , adding a colorful and personalized touch to suit your style and create an immersive gaming environment

Featuring hall linear triggers

Powered by electromagnetic induction drive, this controller offers precise control with a silky smooth feel and virtually silent operation with adjustable trigger sensitivity. With a linear trigger travel of approximately 8mm and pressing accuracy of up to 0.09mm, it boasts 255 steps of key travel. Whether you're navigating a racing track or aiming in a shooting game, each press of the trigger key delivers millimeter-precision feedback, ensuring a responsive and immersive gaming experience

Comfortable and delicately designed grip

The handle is ergonomically crafted to offer a delicate and comfortable grip, seamlessly blending the classic XBOX layout with the addition of dual touch panels. This design ensures prolonged gaming sessions without fatigue. Enhanced with a frosted texture, it provides superior friction and anti-slip performance, resisting hand sweat and stains. Easy to clean and maintain, it ensures a hassle-free experience in daily use

All-round grip design

Joystick Sensitivity Adjustment allows real-time customization based on individual preferences and hand comfort levels. Trigger Sensitivity Adjustment enables fine-tuning to match the evolving dynamics of gameplay scenarios, ensuring optimal responsiveness and control. meticulously crafted to elevate your gameplay. With superior ergonomics and comfortable handling, This grip ensures a seamless and immersive gaming experience from start to finish.

Silent conductive silicone keys

The cross keys, shoulder keys, A/B/X/Y, custom keys, and more are all equipped with silent conductive silicone keys featuring a soft touch, ensuring high-precision pressing and short travel distance. The A/B/X/Y keycaps are uniquely designed with crystal keys to enhance transparency and add to the overall tactile experience. These keys provide smooth and responsive feedback without generating any noise, allowing for undisturbed gameplay sessions

7-inch bezel-less screen

With its bezel-less full-screen design. Crafted with a sleek block of glass covering its front body, redefining gaming immersion by dedicating its entire screen to the gaming experience. Enjoy expansive views and uninterrupted gameplay, elevating excitement levels to new heights Equipped wit high brightness, a wide color gamut, and an impressive 120Hz refresh rate, delivering visuals that are not just vibrant but also incredibly smooth. Enhancing the realism and depth of the gaming environment

Electromagnetic Hall Rocker

Introducing the Electromagnetic Hall Rocker, a cutting-edge controller designed to elevate your gaming experience to new heights. Built with precision in mind, this innovative device utilizes permanent magnetic material and electromagnetic linear Hall technology to deliver unparalleled accuracy in positioning. Free off dead zones both in the inner and outer ring, ensuring every movement is detected with pinpoint precision and boasts an impressive super long life and no drift

Dual Intelligent Touchpad

With support for touch points and swipe gestures, simulates a native mouse experience, Experience the convenience of gesture controls as you navigate menus, execute commands, and interact with your game environment with precision and ease. The Dual Intelligent Touchpad simulates a native mouse experience, allowing you to perform intricate movements and actions with the flick of a finger. With the integration of a gyroscope, the Dual Intelligent Touchpad further enhances your gaming experience by providing responsive and immersive motion controls

Manjaro Gaming Edition

Introducing Manjaro Gaming Edition, a cutting-edge operating system tailored for gamers and productivity enthusiasts alike. With a focus on flatpaks, offering a seamless and hassle-free way to add additional software to your system. Built on the reliable Manjaro base, this edition ensures system immutability, allowing users to enjoy a stable and consistent computing experience without the need to worry about tracking dependencies or encountering issues typical of rolling release models. Featuring the powerful Plasma desktop environment, users can enjoy a sleek and customizable interface designed to enhance productivity and streamline workflows. Manjaro Gaming Edition stays at the forefront of innovation, delivering the latest and greatest features to its users. But what truly sets Manjaro Gaming Edition apart is its seamless integration with SteamUI and Discover. Users can effortlessly update their system via the SteamUI, ensuring they always have the latest software and security patches. Additionally, installing additional packages is a breeze with Discover, offering a user-friendly interface to explore and install flatpaks with ease. Enjoy the flexibility and customization of the Plasma desktop environment combined with the reliability and convenience of an immutable operating system. Whether you're gaming or getting work done, Manjaro Gaming Edition has you covered.


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Device specifications

Orange Pi Neo
AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U
7-inch FHD+ (1920 x 1200, WUXGA) 16:10, 500nits Brightness, 120Hz Refresh Rate
Manjaro Gaming Edition - immutable Update system via GamepadUI
16GB/32GB LPDDR5 (6400MHz dual channel)
512GB-2TB PCIe® 4.0 NVMe™ M.2 SSD (2280)
50WHrs, 3S1P, 3-cell Li-polymer battery
Linear Hall Trigger
Hall Sensing Joystick with RGB Lighting
All in one Multi-Function Gaming Controller
Dual 6-axis gyroscopes
I/O Ports
2x USB 4.0 Type-C, 1x 3.5mm headphone jack, 1x TF card slot
2x 1W dual panoramic speakers
Standard PD-65W GaN power adapter
Ergonomic and comfortable grip
Turbo Large Fan, Dual Copper Pipes + Aluminium Alloy Cooling Fans, extra large air vents + customised cooling system and air ducts with a subtle design
All-in-One Gaming Multi-Function Grip
Plastic/Glass/Magnesium Aluminium Alloy
No exposed screws, Paint and UV process, 2.5D toughened glass cover